Virtual Campus

Embracing TechnologySupporting Possibility

Colorado Technical University harnesses the power of advanced technology to create a truly immersive, interactive academic experience, wherever you are and whenever you choose to study. Online or on-campus, CTU is the right choice for so many students because we make education accessible, convenient and rewarding in the complex real-world of today's career-driven professionals.

At CTU, our Virtual Campus is a 24/7 hub that makes it possible for education to be an active, engaging part of your everyday life. Access the online library. Join communities. Get real-time tutoring. In fact, just about anything you can accomplish on a traditional college campus can be achieved on the Virtual Campus of CTU. You’ll even find helpful interactive videos that show you how to navigate our Virtual Campus and take full advantage of its many features.

Attend a Live Virtual Campus Tour facilitated by CTU Admissions staff! Tours are held weekly on Mondays and Thursdays at 5pm and 7pm (CST) excluding holidays. Click here to attend during those times.

CTU Mobile

On-the-go& In-the-know

CTU Mobile is our award-winning app that offers helpful tools, enhanced functionality and on-the-go convenience to help you fit education into your everyday routine. Anytime. Anywhere. Now you can make the most of your mobile moments every day!

  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS – From tracking your admissions progress to making plans for graduation, you can set task-specific reminders to keep in touch with every aspect of your CTU experiences.
  • DOCUMENT UPLOAD – Snap a photo of a requested document and deliver it directly to the CTU contact requesting it.
  • COURSE MATERIALS – Access your e-textbooks, meetings, Live Chats and more. Just tap on a course, and your materials are at your fingertips.
  • HOME VIEW – From touch ID login and intellipath™ access to upcoming tasks and progress reports, find all the info you’ll check on a daily basis.
  • CLASSROOM VIEW – Find your course announcements, assignments, Live Chats and class meeting times, grades, and instructor feedback all in one place.

Download CTU Mobile today. You can keep track of the admissions process on your cellphone or tablet and be ready to go when classes begin!

Intellipath Adaptive Learning System

Every student learns differently. That’s why at CTU, we connect you to a personalized learning system called intellipath™; our proprietary education technology that personalizes course material completely around you.

Winner of the 2015 Best of Elearning honor in the Virtual Classroom category from Elearning Magazine, intellipath™ technology recognizes what you already know, anticipates what you're ready to learn and tailors your course materials accordingly. This provides your instructors with an extraordinary tool to interact with you on a continuous basis, monitor your progress and adjust your assignments to keep you challenged, yet comfortable with the pace of your studies.

CTU intellipath™ takes learning to a new level of efficiency through continuous interaction, immediate feedback and forward momentum.

M.U.S.E. My Unique Student Experience

Because different people absorb information in different ways, CTU offers a proprietary course delivery platform called M.U.S.E. (My Unique Student Experience).

Whether you are a visual learner, process information best when listening to it, or prefer to explore things on your own, M.U.S.E. is designed to help you personalize your learning experience and engage with your education by choosing to watch, listen, read, or interact with your course material.

In 2010, M.U.S.E. received an Innovative Best Practice/New Program award from the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities.

Live Chats

At CTU, learning is a social experience, made possible by the latest technology that allows you to participate in live chats with your instructors and classmates from virtually any Internet-connected device.

You’ll also watch and listen to live presentations, including real-time webcam video and screen-sharing demonstrations. Best of all, your class lectures are archived, so you’ll be able to review them again and again, whenever and wherever you want.



In many CTU courses, you’ll study using the PUBlizard e-Reader to access content that has been created and self-published to address specific course objectives. PUBlizard e-books allow you to search, browse, read, annotate and highlight course materials. PUBlizard also provides multimedia and interactive support including audio, video, assessments, tests and quizzes.

How, when or where you access course materials is largely up to you. PUBlizard e-books are compatible with PC, Mac, Kindle Fire, Apple iOS iPads and iPhones and Android tablets and smart phones. You can read your e-Books online or offline, and any highlights, notes or bookmarks you make offline will be synced to your personalized online bookshelf when you reconnect your device to the Internet.